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Here are just a few examples of the very extensive variety of work that can be undertaken.All images are of actual commissions.

Reupholstered armchair.


Chair and matching reupholstered box ottoman.

Painted and reupholstered reproduction mahogany rocking chair.

Bespoke Kingsize bed constructed and upholstered at the workshop.

Bespoke kingsize bed completed.

Reupholstered antique silk sewing box.

Sanded and reupholstered vintage kitchen stools.

Reupholstered dining chair set.

Pink velvet side table.

New bespoke deep buttoned armchair.

Leather fluted nightclub seating.

Antique armchair under restoration.

Antique wing chair under restoration with new hand sprung seat and independently sprung seat edge.

Antique chair with newly stuffed back.

Reupholstered dining chair set.

        Bespoke headboard

Reupholstered float button back bedroom chair.

Reupholstered corner Sofa with contrasting float Buttons.

Reupholstered and painted Vintage Chair,before and after.

Model-T Car Seat, upholstered with deep buttoned leather.

Reupholstered Vintage armchair,before and after.

Cane Armchair befor​e and after with replaced back and French polishing.

Reupholstered antique Piano Stool.   


The client in this case had seen a sofa that she liked and asked if it would be possible to make her existing sofa look similar to it.

After stripping the sofa to the frame,i altered the arm shape to match the new desired shape, by adding new solid beech rails. Secondly, I supplied and fitted new turned and tapered solid beech legs which were then French polished by hand to match my clients colour choice.

Next was the upholstery .The client was also rather keen to have a single seat cushion rather than the three existing cushions, and so a new foam and polyester wadding wrapped interior was supplied .The three back cushions on the sofa were also replaced with taller cases and interiors to match the required style, and to add an extra degree of comfort.

Below is the final finished piece!